Bearing resemblance to Mediterranean architecture, the timber work and stucco finish heighten a feeling of maritime timelessness.

The welcome embrace of the lily pool sets the mood for tranquility. The waft past the frangipani trees bears the scent of heady evenings spent in quiet solitude or intimate companionship. The sighting of the river from every level is therapy for the soul; the boutique courtyard is where you must be at the end of the day.

  • 2 personal lily pools
  • River facing terrace
  • Front and back lawns
  • 2 dedicated car parks
  • Open-to-sky courtyard



SL. No.
1. Foundation Pile foundation
2. Superstructure Reinforced cement concrete framed semi-structure and first class brickwork
3. Finishes
Room Floor Vitrified tiles
Kitchen Floor Kota
Counter Granite
Sink Stainless steel
Dado Glazed tiles 2 ft above counter
Toilets Floor Ceramic tiles
Dado Glazed ceramic tiles
Terrace Kota
Verandah/patio Vitrified
4. Doors Frame Malaysian Sal
Shutter Flushed door
Fittings Powder coated
Paint/polish Synthetic enamel paint
5. Windows Aluminium glazed window
Fittings Powder coated
Paint/polish Powder coated
6. Paint finish Internal Plaster of paris punning over plaster
External Weather coat
7 Electrical Concealed copper wiring
Plastic moulded switches
8 Water Supply Captive treated water supply through deep tube well
9 Pipeline Water Supply UPVC
Soil pipe HCI
Rain Water PVC
10. Staircase 1
11. Swimming Pool Pool tile Vitrified tile
Pool edging Rough black granite
12. Sanitary ware Wash basin and W.C. Roca or Toto or similar
Bathtub Roca or Toto or similar
Faucets Grohe or Hansgrohe or similar
Showerhead Grohe or Hansgrohe or similar

Apartment Type


The Promenade

This is the river facing area of the Riviera Complex within Shyamolima.

This is part of Raichak-on-Ganges hospitality infrastructure. This will be owned and operated by The Ffort Raichak. The guests and members of The Ffort Raichak will be entitled to use the Promenade. The Promenade will have the following facilities:

  1. An Infinity Pool visually merging with the river
  2. A bubble pool for relaxation
  3. A deck area
  4. Ladies and gents rest rooms and changing rooms

All the 18 Riviera villas have direct access to the Promenade from their respective front lawns. It will be possible for them to slip into their swimming gear from their own home and walk up to the Promenade swimming pool. Wander aimlessly about the Promenade in front of the villas. Experience the Ganges. Watch as she flows gently by, shaping and reshaping lives. Not just when you are ‘out and about’ but even as you relax within the comfort of your villa. Sit back as the river becomes a therapeutic presence, relaxing you to a state of bliss.



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