Chairman's Message

Making Homes

Dear Friends,

We founded Ambuja Neotia with a simple vision : to make a difference to the way people live. We believe that homes are more than just four walls. Homes are green fields to play on, parks to spend an evening with your friends plus your own space to play solitaire. We believe homes are home-plus.

The key word is 'neighbourhood'. It rules our concept and our imagination.

Imagine a country home, a lush garden, a flowing river…we offer you all of this in Ganga Awas at Raichak on Ganges.

I want you to know that the properties of Raichak-on-Ganges faithfully reflect the philosophy of Ambuja Neotia. We treat the customer's hard-earned money with respect by providing a superior value proposition with attractive pricing, great ambience and excellent quality.

Harshavardhan Neotia

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