Anaya Spa Design Concept

The design of the spa is unique.

It is not like any other building you will see anywhere. Its design has been influenced by its presence amidst nature and its objective – to induce a feeling of peace and serenity.

In my opinion, the one place that is most peaceful is the womb of a mother. It is secure and comfortable. This is precisely the environment that we have created for visitors to the Spa.

At the centre of the Spa stands a tree that symbolises life. And on the periphery is the river, whose peaceful music induces a feeling of permanent tranquillity.

- Mr Prabir Mitra, Architect



Anaya Spa By L 'Occitane

A glimpse of Anaya Spa by L'Occitane Nestled on the banks of the magnificent Ganges is a 14,000 sq ft Mediterranean wellness sanctuary. Embark on a journey of sensorial delight created with a harmonious incorporation of the luxurious physical space, fresh L’Occitane recipes created a-la-minute and international treatment protocols that combine the best from the east and the west; including Swedish, Hawaiian Lomi-lomi, Balinese & Shiatsu combined in exclusive L’Occitane sequences.

Indulge in provencal inspired rituals with our Shea from Burkina Faso and Immortelle from Anaya: Anaya Spa, feel the gentle warmth of pure essential oils in your steam chamber, discover the joy of hibiscus and the minerals from the Ganges in your treatments, spend soulful moments with your partner in our oversized couple’s suites and complete your wellness journey with a nourishing drink in our water ensconced wellness courtyard. Discover your love of spa at Anaya spa by L'Occitane.



Anaya Spa by L’Occitane is the best spas in Kolkata to host a Spa Party

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